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Fuel-cell-powered drones to fly long-duration humanitarian, commercial missions

Doosan fuel cell drone

A new breed of commercially available, long-range drones uses hydrogen fuel cells to provide the energy they need to deliver humanitarian relief to disaster victims in remote locations up to an hour's flight from their home base.
Thanks to energy densities that are four to five times greater than what's available from today's batteries, DMI's drones can complete the inspection without refueling. In contrast, a battery-powered drone would require more than six battery replacements to accomplish the task.
DMI's power pack's operation is managed by a compact controller module that automatically performs the stack's startup/shutdown sequences, as well as management, monitoring, and protection functions. It also controls a pair of cooling fans to help keep its operating temperature stable across a wide range of operating conditions.
To take full advantage of their high-density fuel cell battery pack, DMI worked with Vicor to develop a power delivery network (PDN) based on Vicor’s high-performance, high-density power modules. The PDN uses a 48V bus to increase efficiency, further enabling DMI’s exceptional flight time.

Read the full article on ElectronicDesign on how Vicor is assisting Doosan to achieve high levels of efficiency and energy density in their power pack, published on January 27, 2021.


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